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DPL Creative Solutions' mission is to provide beautiful, clean, simple and uplifting designs that clearly communicate their message, attract and uplift anyone who sees them, and support individuals and businesses that are doing good work for people and the planet.

Deana Paqua is the owner and creative director of DPL Creative Solutions LLC, based in Ridgefield, CT. Deana has been an artist her whole life, since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She did her first oil painting at age five, following in her mother's brush strokes, who is a professional artist. Deana also trained under the tutelage of her uncle, Gene DiScala who was a world reknowned graphic designer. Her formal education includes Silvermine Guild School of Art, a B.A. from Fairfield University, and an M.A. from The Graduate Institute.

Deana has been providing graphic design services for nineteen years. For the first eight years, she worked in the corporate world as an art director and graphic designer, specializing in visual identity, logo and website design. Deana is also an accomplished writer, with a degree in creative non-fiction writing. Often Deana combines her writing, design and marketing background to create materials for her clients. Deana began designing for the web in 1995, and while much changes in the online world, Deana still focuses on clean, simple, easy-to-navigate sites with the end user in mind. If you are looking for wild, crazy, super-animated sites, she will kindly send you to another resource for that sort of thing.

Deana believes in providing beautiful, clean, simple and uplifting designs that will not look outdated by next year. Especially for a logo, that is something you want to last a long time, with only minor updates needed so that you can create a memorable impression for your clients.

Deana has worked with amazing individuals and organizations over the years, such as Hole in the Wall Gang, Alliance Energy Solutions, ifloat, and many others. She has done work for some of the largest and most-well-known corporations on the planet, such as Ernst & Young, Micrsoft, Dataviz, and LifeCare, to name a few. She now focuses her time working mainly with firms that are providing healing, holistic, green or environmentally conscious services and products. For Deana, helping and serving others is integral to her philosophy of work and life. Deana also seeks to help others through her healing work and often provides design and consulting services for healers, spas, integrative medical centers, environmentally friendly or "green" businesses. Visit Deana's healing website at www.embodythesacred.net.

As a designer and artist, Deana seeks to create and share beauty and communicate good works with the world through her designs. She seeks to create pieces that uplift and inspire others, and get their messages across simply and easily. And in a complex world, this can be a breath of fresh air.

If what you see on this site interests you, feel free to contact Deana for more information.

Client testimonial:

“Deana recently guided me through the process of designing my very first website. As a holistic practitioner, I knew I wanted it to reflect my beliefs, as well as the joy I feel towards my profession. Deana was able to understand perfectly where I was coming from. By combining her intuition with her amazing and innovative design savvy, she was able to listen to my ideas, then to translate them easily into the finished product. I am very happy with 'our' creation, www.sanctuaryofyourheart.com.”

Ellie Kirk



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